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We are a digital design studio specializing in web design, 3D virtual trainings and product presentations.


We design interactive 3D experiences and applications for virtual training, product presentations and public displays.

Virtual Presentation

Product Presentation

Recently, I created a 3D model of my Swiss Army Knife and turned it into a product presentation demo. Virtual product presentations are a great way to engage customers with a brand, showcase product features and functionality. They can be embedded into online shops or used as standalone applications in showrooms.

Virtual Art Gallery

Przemyslaw Moskal's Virtual Gallery

Artists and galleries have endured significant losses during Corona lockdowns. As restrictions continue, they struggle showcasing and selling their work to the public. One way to overcome this problem is a virtual, online gallery that simulates in-person viewing experience right in a browser.

Artist: Przemyslaw Moskal

3D Visualization

3d virtual training

We have designed a 3D Virtual Training demo to showcase our abilities to design and develop interactive 3D applications for virtual training and product presentations. As companies switch to a remote work paradigm their teams require greater training and engagement than ever before. Contact us for more information about how we can help your company train your teams with 3D virtual training.

Virtual Museum

K-dron Virtual Museum

This is a sneak peek of the upcoming K-dron Virtual Museum. K-dron is a geometrical shape discovered by Dr. Janusz Kapusta in 1985, and patented in 1987. I have worked with Dr. Kapusta on a number of visualizations and presentations over the years but this is the biggest undertaking so far. The museum will be constantly expanding with new exhibitions presenting K-dron’s unique properties and Dr. Kapusta’s tireless work.

Client: Janusz Kapusta

Virtual Reality

Old Fort Niagara VR Simulation

Old Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect France’s territory in North America. The idea behind the VR project was to develop multiple versions of the fort from different time periods and allow the viewer to “time travel” and experience such developments in virtual reality. Collaboration: Janelle Harb, Alexander Maue and Edward Reyes, Alexander Maue; Consultants: Jerome Brubaker and Dr. Mark Gallimore

Clients: Canisius College and Old Fort Niagara Museum

UX and Computer Vision

Interactive Video Wall v.1

This interactive video wall is based on computer vision and gesture recognition. A person standing in front of a large display can navigate and interact with the video wall’s interface and play various video projects by moving his or her hands. Collaboration: Brooke Ballard, Steven Lakomski, Brian Russ and Erik Michaelsen.

Client: Canisius College

Scientific Simulation

Water Molecules Simulation

Interactive simulation of water molecules and how they behave as the temperature changes. The user can adjust the temperature with a virtual gauge and control the point of view of the virtual camera to observe the molecule’s behaviour. A video version of the project was used by Dr. Michael Noonan in his film series about water. Collaboration: Edward Reyes and Dr. Michael Noonan.

Client: Canisius College


We design beautiful, functional websites for small businesses and individuals with content management software that keeps you in control.

Rich Media Website


Rafaelgwizdak.com was an exciting design project for a young, international go-kart driver, Rafael Gwizdak. We designed the identity for the website and rich content with video and photo galleries, plus a section for Rafael’s sponsors.

Client: Bartosz Gwizdak

E-Commerce Website


Pschemslav.ch was designed for an artist woodcarver who wanted a website that reflects his values of working with nature and using upcycled wood for his creations. This is an e-commerce site that implements PayPal payments and links to a variety of social media channels.

Client: Pschem Slav

Personal Website


Giulianayoga.com is a personal website for an extraordinary yoga teacher. Her love for yoga is expressed through dynamic pictures of asanas, as well as warm colors and graphics.

Client: Giuliana Keller

Small Business Website


Another successful web design project for City Cosmetic. Ms Hofmann, the owner of the studio wanted a website that showcases a wide variety of treatments and high quality products that she offers to her clients in Uster, Switzerland.

Client: City Cosmetic

Personal Website


Yoga teacher and energy healer, Renata Rangger sought for her website an eclectic design reflecting on the nature of mysticism, yogic practices and altered states of consciousness.

Client: Renata Rangger

Mobile Web App

Interactive Video Wall v.2

The 2nd version of the interactive video wall involves a mobile controller and multi-user environment. As users log into the app they can browse through a video library and choose videos for playback on the large display. Collaboration: Alexa Rivera and Kathleen Lawver.

Client: Canisius College