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Digital content creator and educator specializing in technical writing and instructional design. 


I had the pleasure to manage Przemek directly in his role of technical writer at Nexthink. Przemek is a motivated self-starter who gets things done and can meet the tight deadlines of a fast-moving tech company. As a remote worker I could always count on Przemek to deliver quality work on time, without needing micromanagement. He is autonomous, with the judgement to take decisions on his own, but knows to ask for input when necessary.

Besides his regular documentation tasks for each release, Przemek did particularly fine work coordinating the initial rollout of our in-product documentation, and was instrumental in managing the complex documentation required for our technical preview program.

Przemek is also open to feedback, and quickly learned to adapt his style to the tech industry, making his writing more concise, tighter, and action-oriented.

Finally, Przemek was just a really great colleague to work with: always happy to help, never complaining when plans change or new work needs to be done, and always positive and pleasant, even when under stress. Highly recommended.

Skye Legon

Product Operations Director, Nexthink, Switzerland

Working closely with Przemek over the past year as part of the Documentation team at Nexthink has been an absolute pleasure.

Przemek is reliable and independent in his work ethic. He consistently delivers high-quality work, always on time, showcasing his ability to manage his tasks efficiently without close supervision. His proactive approach and dedication have been particularly evident in the successful rollout of Nexthink in-product documentation. This initiative, led by Przemek, enhanced our product’s user experience and set a high standard for our documentation efforts.

Przemek's achievements are all the more commendable considering the high-pressure environment in which we operate. Despite the ever-increasing volume of product features and updates, coupled with a dynamic roadmap, Przemek has consistently managed to prioritize effectively, adapt to shifts with agility, and maintain the highest work standards.

Przemek is a proactive, reliable, highly skilled technical writer who significantly contributes to the Nexthink Documentation team. His ability to deliver quality work under pressure, excellent collaboration skills, and adaptability make him a valuable asset to any team.

Aga Skraburska

Product Education Manager, Nexthink, Switzerland

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Przemek on various projects. Throughout our work together, Przemek consistently impressed me with his proactive approach to improving the clarity and understanding of his articles. Not only did he meticulously craft each piece with attention to detail, but he also proactively sought ways to enhance the overall quality, often by suggesting innovative ideas or revisions that significantly improved comprehension.

Beyond his professional capabilities, Przemek was an absolute pleasure to work with. His positive attitude and collaborative nature made every interaction enjoyable and productive. He approached challenges with enthusiasm and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our projects were successful.

Przemek's dedication to excellence and his ability to foster a collaborative environment make him a valuable asset to any team. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any role where attention to detail, proactive problem-solving, and a positive team dynamic are valued.

Grégory Moinat

Senior Product Manager, Nexthink, Switzerland

For the past decade, Dr. Moskal has been my colleague in the Digital Media Arts Program at Canisius University, Buffalo, NY. During that time, we have collaborated on a great deal of curricula, research, scholarship, and service responsibilities. In each of these areas, my experience with Dr. Moskal is filled with highlights. I can think of many where I observed Dr. Moskal at his best.

Dr. Moskal has an exceptional ability to inspire those he works with, while maintaining a vision for how our environments, both real and virtual, can be digitally manipulated, enhanced, optimized, and beautified (he is an artist at heart). Furthermore, his methods for communication are astoundingly clear, direct, upbeat, and timely - essential qualities for directing and managing not only students, but also applicable toward teams of any kind. This last point’s relevance is compounded when considering his multinational background. His mastery of non-native languages and professional fluency in a multitude of cultural contexts is truly astounding.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Moskal for both academic and professional engagements.

Ben Dunkle

Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, Canisius University, U.S.A.

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