WEB design, virtual training, 3d visualization

webSITE AND 3d design

What we Can offer

We are a digital design studio specializing in web design, 3D virtual trainings and product presentations.

Interactive 3D design

We design interactive 3D experiences and applications for virtual training, product presentations and public displays.

3D training application


We always start our projects with research in order to understand client’s needs and goals, and whether 3D graphics are a suitable solution to a problem.

Concept and Design

We develop a concept and working prototype to user test our ideas in a designated environment.


 We transition into development cycles supported by frequent user testing to keep the process agile and responsive to feedback.

 3D design PRicing

Since 3D applications are custom designed and developed for each individual client, we develop our pricing after careful analysis of client’s goals and needs for the project. The prices are based on an hourly rate of CHF 50 plus any additional costs that a project might require in terms of hardware, servers, software and additional human resources.

3D Assets and Hosting

We can embed 3D applications in a browser for easier distribution and we offer server hosting services for a fee. The fee will depend on the usage, memory and server side services. It starts at 50 CHF per year.

Updates and Maintenance

We offer maintenance services for a monthly or hourly fee. The monthly fee will depend on the demands of the updates. Our hourly rate is CHF 50 per hour. Contact us for more information.

Web design

We design beautiful, functional websites for small businesses and individuals with content management software that keeps you in control.



Good web design start with research. We ask a lot of questions about the nature of your business and goals for the website.


Starting with information architecture, sketches and wireframes, we define ideas for your website.

Design and Development

We build a custom web template as we bring our ideas to live with beautiful design and great user experience.


If you wish to sell products or services online, we can set up an e-commerce site that will enable you to manage the whole online shop operation.

Domain and Hosting

We will help you secure a domain name and hosting plan that is affordable and gives you control over your email, security and other hosting features.


We will train you on how to make updates to your website using WordPress content management system. If you wish, we can also maintain your website for you.

Web Design Pricing

We offer transparent and affordable pricing for small business and individual business owners. 

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain name and web hosting are extra costs. We can work with your current hosting company  or we can host your website on our servers. Our shared hosting plan starts at CH 50 per year for small websites. Additionally we offer dedicated hosting through our partners. Please contact us for more information.

Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance services for a monthly or hourly fee. The monthly fee will depend on the demands of the website. Our hourly rate is CHF 50 per hour. Contact us for more information.

Our Skills

We hold a wide range of skills in web design and development, project management and user experience. 

An attractive website or 3D application with interesting content will keep the visitors and potential clients engaged. As a result, they will spend more time consuming the information and learning about your products and services. We’ve been working in the field of interactive media for over 2 decades and have extensive experience in designing user centered experiences that bring our clients high return on investment.

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  • 2D and 3D Graphics
  • Photography
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Training